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Published bi-monthly by the Allied Arts Council of Southern Nevada, Arts Alive featured the art and artists of Southern Nevada. The publication maintained a broad scope of coverage in order to include a full range of artistic genres, from painting, photography, sculpture, and mixed media to music, theater, dance, and architecture. At the same time, it provided in-depth, close-up coverage of the arts in Southern Nevada by occasionally focusing on specific subgenres such as jazz and ballet and by including interviews with local artists and performers. It also included reviews, art festival information, and a calendar of upcoming, local art-related events, performances, and exhibitions. Arts Alive was the only publication that exclusively documented the activities of and movements within the arts community in Southern Nevada; as such, it offers a unique look at the Southern Nevada region in the late years of the 20th century. Every issue of Arts Alive has been included in this digital collection.


Henderson District Public Libraries, Henderson,



Published print materials

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Nevada; Southern Nevada; Las Vegas; Clark County

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Public Library



Henderson District Public Libraries, Henderson, , "Art Alive," in Nevada Digital Collections Portal, Item #36, (accessed April 22, 2018).